A really old haunting : A vintage halloween curation

Well so far this week we have covered Halloween fashion for women, for men and Halloween decorations, today we are dipping our toes into the vintage aisle. Today's curation really has the spooky factor from years of haunting!


 How wonderful are these aged wooden letters that spell out the word 'spooky' (From: Handmade by Alison) and add the creepy factor to your halloween decorations by combining those letters with a crooked old paper skeleton (From: Lobster Bisque Vintage),  finally I know some people have been irresponsibly running around and scaring children as clowns but they are really cute to me and I love this pretty selection (From: Magic Vintage Shop)


There is one thing that vintage never fails at and that is fabulous detailed jewellery. I feel like artists of the past really valued intricate work and this spider brooch could be a really cute detail on an outfit (From: East Mountain Relics) and for a gothic touch, this lovely little cross would really be the business (From: Ethically Enchanted), to tie it all up for today's curation this flying crow complete with a red devilish eye would work just as well on an outfit or slotted into some decor (From: Auburn Haus) as would this cute snake ring (From: Vintage Rummage Rooms)

Join us tomorrow for the handmade curation for the little people...yes kids!


  1. I love anything to do with letter press, so that sign is really up to my alley and the vintage clowns are really ... well just wow!