Things I adore

Gorgeous handmade silver earclimbers from ArtiKats

Get this beautiful shrug from Celapiu

A real wooden clutch, the day I own this, I will pretty much never live home without it. From Tesler Mendelovitch

This gorgeous tapestry skirt (I am currently wearing one!) from StarsWear
I need to have some content on the blog so that I can play around with settings, naturally of course I picked some of the things that I have placed in my MUST buy handmade list. These are all from the women's fashion section and so far I have the shrug in red and the tapestry skirt...also in red and working my way to buying everything else on the list!


  1. Great collection! I love the earings!

  2. Oh, you have that shrug?!?!?!?! I think it is so unique!

  3. A beautiful new blog! Congratulations!

  4. Awesome work!
    Thank you so much for featuring StarsWear!

  5. that wooden clutch is also on my list ^^ way too cool!