Weekend Special: It's a rainy day

The weekend is here! It is Halloween weekend of course and being late October, the weather is very much moving into late autumn and it is raining quite often. I could be gloomy but instead, I am going to celebrate the rain after all it is what makes the plants grow and I like to eat the plants and fruits that result! It is a bit of a lazy blog today but I feel like I have made up for that with stunning handmade finds!

The wonderful handmade artisans that made this curation possible are Tadashi Koizumi, For Craft, AORart, StarHomeStudio, Ohhio, Wirefoxjewellery, Zyzanna, Dina Fragola, Pieces of Porcelain.


  1. the illustration us just amazing!

  2. If rain was as beautiful as this selection, I wouldn't mind it at all!

  3. Great rain related finds and a stunning illustration.