10 Christmas Mugs : Quirky, Unusual and Stylish

Everyone has their poison whether it is tea, coffee, hot chocolate, whichever way, a mug is a very useful gift to give and a handmade mug is the way forward! You can find all manner of mugs in the handmade aisle and here are 10 of my very favourite ones!

I am a massive game of thrones fan and this dragon mug is for me! Get your own from 

If you are a fan of abstract art then you will enjoy drinking out of this piece of art - a beautifully crackled blue mug for Christmas from

These funny little creature cups are sure to delight young or old. I think guys especially would like a mug like this. Get it from

This one is a stylish extra large mug, definitely for a lady with a love for the unusual and chic. Get it from

Sticking with the critter theme, this mug has hooves for a handle! Get this quirky mug from

Pigs may swim? Yes in your mug! What a funny cute little mug handmade by

This mug if for a pure girly girl, pink and gold with a pineapple imprint, it is handmade by

I feel that this tripod mug would make a great christmas gift both for a geeky person or for an artistic person! It is handmade by

This is such a cute little unicorn mug complete with little feet, what is not to love, get it now -

Last but not least, an architechtural handle makes this mug swoon-worthy! Get it from


  1. amazing finds. i love the mugs with animas on it. ;-)
    swimming pig is great!

  2. Wow! Such imagination! I couldn't choose

  3. Mugs in a whole different dimension, each and every one of them are very cool!

  4. Wow! Love mug with pig and last one most

  5. Wow, these are all lovely. Such a wonderful collection.

  6. Fantastic collection! They are all very beautiful, my favourites are the black one and the white in the last picture!

  7. Cool selection of cups! I totally loved the last one with its handles!!

  8. I have not seen those mugs with the animals coming out from inside before. I think they are very clever. I also like very much the black mug with the stylish handle.