10 Thanksgiving fashion statement ideas for women

Thanksgiving for most households is a fairly relaxed affair. The idea is mainly to pig out (provided the main chef is good). There is usually no need for a fancy dress but you can still be fashionable if you pick out a statement item. Here are a few ideas!


For most parts the end of November is chilly! You are going to be wrapped up warmly for the beginning of winter but why not make a statement at Thanksgiving with a fashionable and really beautiful handmade piece. The wonderful artists featured are IrisMint, Ohaina, Ekuboo, OkapiKnits and  HirasuAccessories


Jewelry (ahh having a heart attack writing that as Jewellery is the more innate spelling for a Brit!) is one of the best ways to subtly or boldly declare your style. Here are 4 really beautiful necklaces that would be great for Thanksgiving and can easily carry themselves through the rest of the year! You can find these pieces at burnish, bijubrill, epuu and aliquidtextilejewels

The Wild Card - The 10th piece in this curation is a wild card, I love love this cute gobble gobble shirt (From: TheWorkoutPrincess), just so perfectly seasonal!

So whether you are obsessed by chunky knits or you prefer delicate lace knits, you are bound to find something beautiful in the handmade aisle that would really work well in the holiday season!


  1. That chunky cowl is just the thing that I need right now. I adore Okapiknits items. They are so stylish and original and so are Illiquid Textiles jewelry.