10 Unusual Christmas Cards - Quirky, Geeky, Funny and Unique

The first thing you need to do for Christmas shopping is sort out your Christmas cards! Here I have a rather delectable selection of everything unusual to make you in a separate class from those who send you a standard card from the supermarket. If you are going to make a handmade Christmas card selection, start right here!

Did you know the busiest month for maternity wards is September because of the activities that happen in December!
Happy Snuggle Season lol! Get this Christmas card from

Santa wants to know if you have been naughty or nice! This Christmas card is from my very own shop -

Ha ha! Love this barcode reindeer! Find it at

This is a geeky card, can you do the maths? Find this Christmas card at

How many languages can you use to say Merry Christmas! Try it with that uncle who always get a bit too merry! Find it at

What happens when you have twine and buttons? A lovely Christmas reindeer card is created! This is made by

This christmas card is a  geeky wordsearch card! Another one to try with the drunk uncle! This is from my shop -

Innuendo is quite a popular theme for Christmas cards! Get it from the aptly named

I like this snowman Christmas card, simple, quirky and cute! Buy it from

Ha this Christmas card was not sent from my iPhone! #shophandmade from


  1. So many great cards! Thanks for including my design!

  2. Very nice selection! Love the minimalist and unique style!

  3. great finds! i love your selection!

  4. Such fun geeky cards for Christmas! Those surely will make the receiver smile if not laugh!

  5. these cards are funny and well designed:)) Love them!!!!

  6. jaja! so funny! love the first and the last one, and also the snowmen
    great card selection!

  7. Very cute...I'd go for the lonely snowman...

  8. Great quirky cards but my favorite from the lot has to be the snowman for the simply reason that it looks like a child's drawing and children's drawings always make me smile.