9 Whimsical vintage thanksgiving gift ideas

I know I started this edition with a little dread as I was unsure what direction I would actually take for vintage finds for thanksgiving. However, as I started my search, a brainwave hit me.....just make it fun! Thanksgiving is all about relaxing and having fun with family, so why sweat the small stuff?


A glass bull, a set of fruit forks (never even knew there was such a thing as a fruit fork!) and a gorgeous brass pineapple make up this first set of vintage finds. These pretty finds can be found in these pretty shops , and


Instead of traditionally pretty silverware, I chose some pieces that would make you go hmm. They are interesting in their own way whether it is function, style or colour. What do you think? The vintage shops stocking these items are , , and

The Wild Cards: I normally have just one wild card but today I have two and in the spirit of keeping things fun and light, they are pure kitsch! Here are some Soviet vintage fish drinking cups with a matching carafe naturally (did you get the drink like a fish pun!) and some really funny turkey pins for turkey day.......gobble gobble. They are from and

I really enjoyed this curation, if you like you can see our previous thanksgiving ideas for women, men and for the home and join us tomorrow when we curate for the kids!


  1. amazing finds. I love the spoons set!

  2. I loooooove the fruit forks! I did not know they existed either and most probably I would not use them even if I had them but oh boy! do they look so extravagant and decadent! :)

  3. Gorgeous finds every day, thank you so much for the feature :)