Weekend special: handmade skit

You really cannot go wrong with red at Christmas. These delectable handmade finds are sure to please any woman, fashionista or not! They are each beautiful gift ideas in their own right. 1. 2. 3. 4.

1. Christmas is coming
This week was all about Christmas and so are the next few weeks! I am highly excited, I love Christmas! Do follow all the handmade pieces being showcased on the hashtag #handmadechristmas

2. Handmade items are exceptional
There is a great misconception among some people that when you purchase handmade it means a little homely, loved in, wonky, basically that four letter word that rhymes with skit. I feel like there is a need to challenge that misconception. I make handmade items, I work with other handmade artisans, I purchase handmade items and that is why craftandcurate was born because we need a vogue magazine for handmade artists. It is not about the price point of the product though, it is really about how original the idea is, how beautifully it is crafted and how well it is presented.

3. Product photography is not everything but it really is important
I will not lie, I have seen some very beautiful items let down by poor photography. I recall Mary Portas who is a fairly famous and fairly stylish business woman stating that if you sell online you should look at common high street names e.g Topshop, ASOS etc and see the difference between them and Etsy. Essentially it was the whole handmade is skit except on a large scale as Mary is quite influential. The fact is that Etsy is huge, yes there are ugly items (no lie!) and some beautiful items in ugly photographs but there are a sea of beautiful shops with beautiful photographs, my goal is to do the wading for you (yes you!) and then you can either learn to love or reaffirm your love for handmade.

4. My definition of handmade
I said it before, I will say it again, I love true handmade items, they are unique and utterly exquisite. The idea that an artist works by hand to produce a piece of work for me is exhilirating. The fact that they care about the source of the materials, the quality of the workmanship, the packaging and the quality of their service makes me feel like I am (which I am) dealing with a human being, not just another well oiled cog in a big machine.

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