6 Interior design pieces for my dream handmade home

Have you enjoyed the bumper week so far! The collections so far include winter fashion for women, Christmas party fashion for women, a stylish winter look for men and a selection for a Christmas baby! Today my attention is turned to the interior of the home!

I started this collection with the idea of creating an interior design look that felt modern but had lots of texture. For texture feeling, I started off with this gorgeous feathered plate from 

Next I picked a lovely home in the form of a woollen cat bed for my cat from

Finally, my dream home got some real texture in the form of a dream catcher from

Having sorted out some textural pieces and importantly got my cat a little cat cave, I then began to dream of some more furnishings for my dream  home.

Next, to get the modern feel, I thought I would pick some geometric pieces, like this Australian hand crafted chaise lounge named Ulysses from (just don't look at the price, you may weep, I certainly did, but if I had the money, yes it would be a piece of furniture for me!). I naturally had to hunt for something a little more affordable and found this darling ceramic bowl with a beautiful pattern almost like a sea wave from . Finally I went back to the geometric feel and picked this lovely little candle holder in a terrarium shape from

Do you like my dream home?


  1. So beautiful all items. Love white/grey scale.
    Thank you!

  2. I really love wool cat holes, my sister have one in orange and green tones and their cats love it!! also the dream catcher is really cool

  3. wonderful selection!
    The plate with feather is just gorgeous!

  4. Wow! Such great items! Really like that terrarium candle holder.

  5. I so love that feather plate! So beautiful!

  6. Incredible finds here today! That chaise lounge is incredible, the feather plate is very clever and the dream catcher and cat home are just radiating coyness.