8 Unique gift ideas for crocheters or knitters

Here are some lovely gift ideas for a crocheter or knitter. I have tried to keep them all unique and of course handmade! You can get these goodies from 1. 2. LaurenAstonDesigns 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

I am not sticking strictly to the program! I have decided this week to try out some lists that I think will be useful as gift ideas through Christmas and further on to Valentine's day. Today I am focusing on gifts that would suit a knitter or crocheter. I think yarn is quite a personal choice so unless you are 100% sure, I would go for something else!

I have found a variation of gifts from huge knitting needles which can just be placed on the wall  to adorable jewelry, patterns and needle gauges. There is such a big range of things that you can choose to buy, so buy wisely!

The stocking stuffers under $10 are the key ring (#8) and for under $20 dollars are the pendant(#3), earrings (#5) and the needle gauge (#6).

MVPs - My selection for the MVP (most valuable players) of the collection are the splurge (clay cups) and the steal (mini crochet pendant)

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