A Nautical Home : Interior Design Ideas

The sea is my mistress, 
She calls my name, 
Sometimes I answer, 
Sometimes I don't, 
But she never stops calling, 
And I forever hear her.

I know we are right in the middle of winter and Christmas, so why am I harping on about a nautical theme? If you have not guessed, I like to be unpredictable, this theme is not for the masses of Christmas shoppers, it is for the true nautical devotee and I proclaim the crown of the leader, anything from the sea will please me, absolutely anything!

My happy moment happened in Bolonia in Spain. What a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by so many people but if you can swim strongly enough, you are floating all alone with just the mighty sea to cradle your body. Warm water and ripples all around, and just the frolicking of the ocean as the soundtrack. I sang the Disney song under the sea, I watched two sea gulls bicker and then I let the waves take me back to the people. When I am told to think of a happy day, I remember this day because it sums up many huge things for me, I taught myself to swim well enough to do this having stopped all lessons after being thrown in to the deep end of the pool at 8years old by my very own swim instructor, I was with my husband and I was pregnant for the first time, it was and still remains a wonderful memory.

If you have someone in you life or if you are a fan of the beach holiday, then here is how to give your home a nautical uplift. 1. Start with a really unusual fish trap turned into a ceiling light from 2. Sticking with the fish theme, here is a modern silver nautical ring from 3. If you have some spare change rolling around then this absolutely out of this world squid table can be a living sculpture in your home from 4. Last but not least, the simplest way to add a bit of the ocean is by getting some super smooth sea stones polished perfectly by the great master herself, the sea! This perfectly sized and colourful set from


  1. I think Nautical season is all year around :)
    Love this selection, thanks so much for featuring our lamp!

  2. i love this selection!the octopuss table is just amazing!

  3. wow! that octopus table is just gorgeous!! also love the tones of the stones! It is so nice to see something that it is not xmas related.. lol! :)

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