Winter Fashion for Women: A Dash of Red

I am thinking a lot about winter right now and I am totally in love with this handmade cashmere coat (1)  from Ingrid C Svensson. I love that it is a deep red colour almost oxblood and reminds me a little bit of Christmas mulled wine! I love the style of wrapping around your neck like a scarf, it is so beautifully tailored.

The logical next step of owning this piece in my mind is thinking of the accessories that I would pair it with! I started off with some cute minimalist silver earrings, just so simple and clean to match the simple and clean lines of the coat. This set (2) comes from

The next step is of course a bag! This beautiful boho chic, hippy bag is what I would choose, I love the grey colour and the vintage beading which has a pop of red to again tie in with the coat. This lovely bag (3) is from

The final piece is a statement necklace, think about it, once you unwrap the scarf part of the coat, we need some drama! This lovely twig necklace(4) from does the job!

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