Freezing in January

Ways to bring the outside indoors without having to go outdoors! 1. Add a touch of rustic yet not really to your home with some Porcelain twig spoons from 2. A white pebble rug is a real feature piece, it would look great next to some sliding glass doors with snow outside 3. Finally a piece for yourself, some hyperrealistic clay flowers from
Oh if you are in Europe, you will know all about the super cold temperatures right now! It is bone chillingly cold! Well I guess if you are in the Northern part of Canada, you are probably giggling your head off at us talking about freezing at -16°C

In any case this little mood board is all about bringing the outdoors indoors, because let's face it, if it can be avoided, we are definitely not going outside! I thought about little things like snow covered bare branches and pebbles and so I picked some porcelain twig spoons and a white pebble rug which is a real splurge. However a tiny splurge would be these adorable iris earrings which although not directly falling into the cold theme, are indeed a lovely wintry white.

How would your bring the outdoors indoors or would you be the one the sleigh and building giant snowmen?

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  1. I would love to have some of those porcelain twig spoons - preferably not a very breakable kind.