Romantic forest girl - A valentine look

Happy Monday! I am trying to diversify the blog to add in some little pithy tidbits so do feel free to let me know if your like or dislike the changes and yes please do make some suggestions for the thoughts of the day and the finds of the day (brick and mortar shops, craft workshops, things that handmade shoppers or sellers should really know!)

1. Mood Board of the Day

This genius ensemble was selected by Estella who also makes and runs the fab shop. It has strong shades of green and moss with a mix of floral patterns that would be a lovely for the romantic forest loving girl!

In this feature we have a beautiful one of a kind coat from Estella's shop - , a gorgeous felt moss and green hat with a pop of orange added by the side flower from  and a unique ocean jasper necklace from

2. Find of the Day - Handmade Nottingham

Ooo I just found a local handmade shop here in Nottingham. It stocks an array of cards, jewelry, totes and lots of gift ideas! It is incredible, a real brick and mortar handmade shop! It is called naturally - Handmade Nottingham!

3. Thought of the day

Believe in yourself,
Dare to dream,
Work hard,
Be happy!

This is my ethos in life, I am an eternal dreamer, I feel like a life without dreams is pointless but dreams are meant to be achieved which means you have to believe in them and work hard to achieve them so you can enjoy living the dream!


  1. Totally agree with you about dreaming. A dream is nothing without action!

  2. Yes, dare to dream, work hard and be happy! Totally agree on these!
    And such a lovely moodboard too :)

  3. Thank you for featuring my selection and coat :)
    That shop looks like fun and love the thought of the day too!

  4. Great moodboard! And yay for the shop, I would love to have something like that close to me!

  5. Moadboard is great! This coat is a dream!
    the new shop looks so nice and i like your ethos! ;-)

  6. This is a wonderful selection! I can just imagine the coat and the hat being worn together!

  7. Hello! I really like the changes Ruby! Pity I don´t live in the UK, I would love to visit that handmade shop.

  8. Hello! I really like the changes Ruby! Pity I don´t live in the UK, I would love to visit that handmade shop.

  9. The mood board is very special, as the little shop well. Your motto is very useful!!!

  10. I share the thought of the day with you! also that shop is really cute, love it!! ^___^