Travel Theme Wedding

The travel theme wedding!
I think getting married by the beach is such a romantic idea! Even better, a travel theme wedding where the bride and groom plus guests travel down for a beach wedding and holiday is awesome! I have had the pleasure of designing several seating charts for couples in Australia who tend to get married either on Indonesian or Thai beaches as well as a fair few American weddings where all the guests travel to Florida, Bahama or Hawaii.

I am sharing one of the most popular seating charts from my shop Paper Whispers, alongside this beautiful handmade wedding dress that is photographed on a stunning Greek beach, go visit the shop for the amazing photos - and the third item is a gorgeous wooden coaster set, yes I did pick the Mrs and Mrs set because it was there! I love when weddings are inclusive of the LGBT community - The shop has the traditional Mr and Mrs, His and Hers as well - CloudsandCurrents

My next wedding (to my same husband) will be on the beach - he already knows it too, I told him we are going to get married again because I want to wear a short dress in the next wedding, he said I am crazy lol.

Crazy idea or not? Where did you get married or would you want to get married?


  1. Oh yes a beach wedding sounds really nice! You can then also have a chill barbecue to eat and have it all rather relaxed!

  2. I like your wedding to the same hubby plan :D
    I would love a beach wedding too (duh :)).

  3. I would love marry my hubby again! In an sicilian beach... that would be so great!
    Love you board! Great finds!

  4. Wedding in the beach - sound fantastic too me!!!!

  5. Second wedding , beach wedding!! Oh yeah!!

  6. Ooh yeah!!! Please take me to the wedding on the beach. Who will be the groom is not so important))))