Love - Every single day

I am mixing it up a little bit by adding a vintage touch to the collection today. I am still sticking with the love theme as valentine's may be over but love is every single day!

1. Mood board of the day - Wine Her, Dine Her

 I feel like there should not be just one day to celebrate love especially a love who you have chosen and who has chosen you! Here is my pick to inspire your date. A unique vintage wine glass with a lovely twisted stem from . Some vintage silver cutlery to keep things truly special from . Finally for a bit of fun, some honeycomb earrings for your honey from

2. Thought of the day - Be Grateful

I have come to the realisation that the root cause of unhappiness for many people is not being able to see the wonderful things you are blessed with. For example, you may not like your job but the upside is that you have one! You may have left a relationship and are newly single but the upside is that you are on a new adventure! Every sad moment has an upside, you just have to find it!


  1. What a pretty collection! And so true, love is for everyday! It's so important to stay healthy and happy with positive thinking :-) and a lots of smiles!

  2. The honeycomb earrings are adorable!

  3. Love that wine glass and your wise thought. Completely agree with that even though sometimes it is really hard to find those upsides.

  4. That glass is so cool! But I would never trust myself with something like that. I am too clumsy ...

  5. I'm always grateful for what I have, it is so important imho :)
    Lovely selection!

  6. i love your finds! Earings are simply amazing!

  7. Honestly, I think the key to "happiness" is to acknowledge that "happiness" is fleeting and sadness part of the deal. Nobody is happy all the time, and that's perfectly fine, life should have a place for sadness.

    1. We are on the opposite sides of the spectrum Steph! I believe sadness is fleeting, it comes and goes. Happiness is forever.

  8. Wine Her, Dine Her. - I like that slogan. I like it in that order, especially.
    I also like the thought. It is very true.