Valentine's date : A woodland walk

My statistics show that you, dear reader, are enthralled by woodland themed posts, so here is another one for you. It is time for a romantic little stroll in the woods, after all we are quickly running up to Valentine's day.

1. Mood board of the day - A woodland walk

No one loves quirky more than I do! We start off with this gorgeous leather strap backpack from . I think some little woodland mice would be such a cute addition as an objet d'art for a shelf or mantelpiece, these two angora yarn mice are from . Tying off this set is a cute little fox face brooch from

2. Find of the day - Sustainable Rainforest/Palm oil

So Steph of Petit Plat educated me about the massive deforestation in Indonesia that is threatening Orangutans caused by our demand for palm oil. Also, a lot of products such as soaps, dishwashing liquid and shower gels may not directly contain palm oil but actually are made using palm oil. To make it really simple for you, there is actually a list of companies that use sustainable palm oil. Take a moment to read through the site and make a difference to our planet - Palm Oil Investigations

3. Thought of the day - Help

It is difficult to try to help everyone in the whole world but you can help yourself first and then just start with helping the person standing next to you.Simple and effective a bit like a pyramid scheme but a good one.


  1. Great post!! A perfect post in my opinion! Thanks!!

  2. Oooh! I'm so glad I inspired you so much you're talking about the palm oil issues :)
    So thank you for that!
    Also really like that cute fox brooch.

  3. Love your selection!
    The palm oil industry is such a big problem, I wonder when companies are going to realize that the environment is much more important than producing cheap products :(

  4. What a great moodboard :-) Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love romantic walks in the woods

  6. I love romantic walks in the woods

  7. Lovely wood land board!
    Thanks for sharing the vidéo. It's well made.

  8. Lovely finds! The backpack is gorgeous!