Give me candy - handmade jewelry

I am having a sweet tooth moment but of the jewelry kind!

Mood board of the day - Give me Candy

I adore jewelry that looks sweet enough to eat! The handmade selection today includes these lovely lemon drop earrings made with yellow jade stones from Emmanuela. A selection of tiny little stackable silver rings, each with set with a real gemstone from the Keep it Yours collection by NatalkaPavlysh and last but most definitely not least, a single stone beaded necklace from Tline and that bead is just so reminiscent of a traditional boiled mint in a sweet jar!

Thought of the Day - Don't be Stupid

I truly feel we are in the era of stupid as a society. I have been moaning for years now that people are fed a steady diet of reality TV and given the impression that your standing on social media is the most powerful indicator of your success as a person. Yet reality TV is scripted, many people have 1000 friends on facebook, yet you probably can count on one hand how many you have actually met and talked with in the last year and there are instagram accounts with 500K plus followers yet the brand is bankrupt.

This is all to say, don't be a victim of stupidity. Seriously right now we are living with the product of stupidity and this is defined by Brexit and Donald Trump. My jaw drops when I hear the empty promises and threats that Theresa May is spouting about Brexit, all while the our national health service (NHS) is being underfunded and in danger of being privatised. We here in UK should ALL be talking about how a health service that is free to the public should never be compromised, not about how UK is going to screw over our trade partners in the EU (the same ones we intend to do business with in future!). Donald Trump too is deflecting from failed policies and a possible perjury by his AG by bringing up conspiracy theories, let me be clear, stop taking the bait, Don't be Stupid!


  1. Wonderful selection! Totally agree with your thought of the day!

  2. I used to eat a lot of candies that look absolutely like the Tline's bead!

  3. Wonderful selection! Thank you for featuring my necklace!

  4. cool selection! really like the rings!

  5. Candy sweeties here!

    Unfortunately, people in general, prefer to be spoofed fed with information rather than live with an open mind and eye and work out the puzzles of life themselves.