Just kidding

Happy Monday! Here is the handmade selection of the day!

1. Mood board of the day - Just Kidding!

One of the great benefits of childhood is that horseplay is positively encouraged! The selection today is exactly that, fun, playful and yet really sophisticated. We start off with a firebird cape and wings designed by BHB Kidstyle. The cute little handmade doll who comes with her very own cute little outfit is from and finally, a gorgeous swan scarf from Nina Fuehrer

2. Find of the day - Sarah Haywood

Listen up! There is crazy money floating around. As a handmade seller, never think your product is unaffordable, as a matter of fact, label and market it as a luxury item. I spent around 1 hour (which is a lot for me!) sniffing around wedding planner Sarah Haywood's site and instagram. I could not believe the prices that people will pay, there is a small but definitely willing niche of people committed to luxury everything.


  1. Great selection for kids! And yes, there is a market for all prices.

  2. luxury things... i would love tobe in that niche too! ;-)
    Thanks for featuring my doll! ;-)

  3. Fabulous selection as always! Love it!

  4. Love this selection!
    Yes some people spent, but usually to brands they know, or so it seems to me.

  5. I have to agree with what you said: "benefits of childhood is that horseplay is positively encouraged". I also have to add that the lack of it is one of the negative side effects of adulthood.
    I feel honored that one of my costumes are featured here. Thank you so much!

  6. Huhu, that pun :D
    I am a child at heart so I fully agree! Let them play, life is difficult enough without silliness it'd be unbearable :)