Under the sea - Jewelry

Here is a fresh handmade selection for you and it is all inspired by nature and the sea!

 1. Mood board of the day - Under the sea

Well to start the selection, I have not your grandma's pearls! They are layered and linked uniquely to make something altogether more exquisite, from Toosis. The whale tail bracelet has been one of my absolute faves from , it is simple and understated, but so very chic. The last of the selection is strictly not speaking from under the sea but it reminds me of sea stones and is so beautifully crafted by

2. Thought of the day - People rarely change

This is a rare pearl of advice from my own mother. She said in general the personality that a person has at the age of 21 very rarely changes. This is about character rather than actions.

Character - For example if a person has a tendency to make snap decisions at 21, they will probably be doing the same at 31. If a person has a tendency to not put in their best effort at 21, they will probably be skating through life at 31.

Not character - If a person is drinking and partying hard at 21 (which is more of a societal behaviour), they may not necessarily do it at 31.

The key to not getting trapped at 21 is to be the adaptable person who is willing to listen to reason and most importantly be willing to change your mind when persuasive evidence is presented to you.


  1. This selection looks stunning! I'm glad that my necklace can be a part of it :-)

    That thought of the day really makes you think. Adaptability may well be the secret to a happy life :-)

  2. Love this mermaid/sea style selection!
    Thank you for featuring my whale tail bracelet!
    And yes people do not really change, wise words!

  3. What a beautiful collection! Love the shades of blue with white! Thanks for sharing your thought of the day, something to think about :-)

  4. Wonderful selection! I really like all three!

  5. stunning pieces of jewelry! I really like them all, but I think my fav is the one from jagna, the blue and the pattern just work so nicely together!

  6. your thought of the day is totally true