Styling brands with modern design and a significant aesthetic that creates definable changes in their business

Craft & Curate is a branding studio based in Des Moines, IA and designing from coast to coast. We specialize in brand design and strategy for beauty, apparel and lifestyle brands.


A brand identity is a sum of many parts. It is the collective, cohesive, consistent whole that creates an experience for your customers. 

It’s not just a logo or a color palette or even a website. It is all of those things, operating in harmony with what you offer and how you present it.

Our creative genius lies in sales strategy, connecting with the customer, and making designs that convert.



it’s a designer’s job to fight for the importance of aesthetic in the world. Because without beauty around us, life would be meaningless.

Brooke Summers


After years of experience working with national brands within an agency environment and feeling drawn to a different way of doing things, Brooke later became a full-fledged entrepreneur.

She has partnered with a number of creative founders and leads the brand design for Hinterland music festival, created by her and her husband. 

Brooke leads and executes the creative process from start to finish with a certain sensitivity and sensibility that considers both who the client is, what their brand stands for, and who they’re trying to attract.

She’s an extroverted, highly social Sagittarius and Enneagram 7 that once touched Beyonce’s hand (not sure how she’s still alive). She likes going to concerts, long walks down the aisles of Sephora, and has a slight obsession with magazines.

When she’s not crafting and curating the visual elements that tell a brand’s story, she’s probably watching The Office (namely, “The Dinner Party” episode), traveling, or hanging at home with her husband Sam and daughter Nora.


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